Friday, January 27, 2012


Our final component for becoming your own personal trainer this week is.... resistance training.  Using weight to build stability, increase strength, and find power enables the body to increase lean body mass, improve cardiovascular efficiency, and decrease body fat.  Try some of these :

1.  Step-up to overhead press -- Using a stair stepper or bench, step up onto it with the core engaged (pulling in the space below the navel) and raise the weights up overhead to straighten the elbows with the palms facing forward.  Keep the knee out in front of you to balance.  Step down and repeat. 

2.  Stability ball chest press -- Lie on the physioball with the feet flat on the floor and the ball connecting with your upper back (like you are laying down on a bench.)  Keep the hips in line with the head and knees while you press toward the ceiling (chest press) then lower the weights to bring the hands close to the shoulders.  Repeat. 

3.  Single-leg shoulder scaption -- Balance on one foot with weights down by your sides.  Lift the dumbells out to the diagonal in front of you to shoulder height while rotating the palms to face the ceiling.  Keep the arms straight and the core engaged, then lower back down.  Repeat.

4. Stability ball triceps extension -- Position yourself on the physioball the same way you did with the chest press exercise.  Lift weights toward the ceiling with palms facing one another.  Bending at the elbow, lower the weights down toward your face to create a 90 degree angle, then raise back up toward the ceiling.  Repeat.

So remember.... grab two dice and assign your CORE, CARDIO, REACTIVE, RESISTANCE, ATHLETE'S CHOICE types of training exercises to 1-6, and the other dice will relate to the intensity of speed, weight, duration of time, etc.  Spice up your workout by surprising the body with the unexpected!   

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