Monday, January 23, 2012

Be your own...

...personal trainer!!

Ever feel stuck in your typical patterns or bored by your own workout? Sometimes I find myself wishing someone would spontaneously tell me what to do and surprise my body with the unexpected. I often walk to the gym saying, "you're gonna run, you're gonna run" and then when I walk in I go do something totally different. It helps to keep me alert!!

If that doesn't work, try this:

Get a pair of dice and assign each number of one die to various exercise types (core, cardio, strength, balance, reactive, athlete's choice) and the other die will be assigned length (time in minutes, number of reps, etc) or intensity (lbs, resistance, speed, etc.) See if you can challenge your body to work outside of it's comfort zone. Roll each die, and see what to do. Complete that exercise and then roll again. A fun workout is twice as nice!

Stay tuned all week for exercise example types for each of these and get to rolling...

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