Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stretching Perspectives

As mentioned in Thursday's post (sorry for the two days away from writing -- last night was our NYSSSA faculty concert and we've been in rehearsal til all hours of the night!!) we explored stretching this week, and how it will relate to our individual conditioning programs.

Several types of stretching:
  1. Static stretching - holding a stretch while the body is not moving
  2. PNF (propiroceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching - holding a stretch then creating an isometric contraction then relaxing into a deeper stretch to be done with a qualified partner
  3. Dynamic stretching - bringing blood and oxygen to muscles by using momentum of movement to increase range of motion 

The students were sent home with some work to do this weekend -- to create their own 10 minute warm-up to be used before technique class in the morning while here in our program, or whenever they need it in the future - for performance, before a workout, etc. They will combine warm-up elements of stretching with a focus on increasing heart rate, increasing body temperature, and preparing large muscle groups for movement. 

As stated in Flexible perspectives on stretching experts may have various viewpoints on when stretching should occur (before, during or after physical activity), but ALL agree that stretching has many benefits and should be done to increase range of motion, improve flexibility and performance, and prevent injuries.  

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