Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Physioball and Plyometrics continued...

Plyometrics are used to produce fast, powerful movements to increase speed of muscle contractions.  This can lead to faster movements and higher jumps.  A muscle is first loaded in a lengthening (eccentric) contraction with a brief pause, then in a concentric (shortening) contraction through an explosive action.

It's important when doing plyometrics to be warm (jogging or doing the boxer shuffle for 5 minutes to get the heart rate elevated) and to maintain alignment of knees over the toes.  Several students experience pronation (rolling in) of their ankles, so they'll be on the look out for this in particluar!

Check out Meredith performing a standard squat jump...

She'll do a quick explosive spring into the air and land with knees over the toes during the landing.  Here's what the landing looks like from the front. 

The students worked in circuit style today exploring a blend of burst of cardiorespiratory activites, physioball exercises and plyometrics.  Here's Tareake doing a squat with the physioball.  

Working with the physioball to increase our proprioception (body orientation) skills and balance ability while strengthening our core -- and plyometrics for a quick burst of energy and fast muscle contractions to increase our speed --- a dynamite combination week 3!

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