Thursday, August 25, 2011

Push-up Thursday!

Happy "Push-up Thursday" everybody -- my own day to celebrate the amazing benefits of a push-up!! 

I was at my gym this morning, the New York Sports Club, and while doing the tenth push-up of my series my friend and a trainer at the gym, Will, walked by and said jokingly, "99... 100...."  I started to laugh and found a nice moment to take a break for a quick chat.  I looked up at him to share my LOVE for push-ups and how I don't think that enough women are doing push-ups in their workout.  Most women feel insecure about their (often) limited upper body strength, and the only way to improve it -- is to use it.

Push-ups have so many benefits as a total body workout -- they work your:
  • chest
  • upper back
  • shoulders
  • glutes
  • core
  • biceps and triceps
  • legs
Women CAN do push-ups and I encourage everyone to join me in adding a few to your workout... you will see the change in your body definition and in your strength capacity.  If you can only do ONE perfect push-up, that is an excellent place to begin.  It's better to do ONE amazing push-up than to waste time and energy doing many that do not count.  Your body will build the strength quickly and I guarantee you'll be surprised to see how many consecutive push-ups you can do in a couple of weeks. 

Add them into your workout at anytime and anywhere -- you could do them in your kitchen if you had to!  No machines, weights, or mats needed - just you!  Keep your entire body in one straight line parallel to the floor with your core engaged to keep the lower back supported safely.  Do not drop the pelvis while lowering the body -- this will only stress the back.  Peek in a mirror from the side to see your entire body, head to heels, in one strong line of energy. 

So, all my women especially, join me in celebrating my new holiday "Push-up Thursday" and enjoy the many benefits!! 


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  1. Ready, set, go!! I'll be sure to add some to today's workout - thanks for the inspiring tip!

    - Emilee Ballaro