Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Continuing on in NYC

After a few days hiatus from posting I am happy to be back in NYC after a rewarding summer at NYSSSA sharing health and wellness with young aspiring dancers.  I will be continuing on with my blog, sharing information that I think is current, relevant, interesting, or in response to questions/comments from students/clients.  Ask me at grabyoursneaks@gmail.com and I'll do my best to get the answers for you. 

Today I would like to share some thoughts from a conversation I had with my sister....  We just returned to the city after several days of celebrating my brother's wedding weekend.  It was filled with LOTS of delicious foods and desserts and toasting to the bride and groom.  Today was our first day back to our regular schedule of healthy eating and a trip to the gym.  It made us think about the often felt GUILT we have that comes with splurging. 

Why do we have GUILT when we indulge in eating or while taking a vacation from a healthy lifestyle? 

Feeling guilty about treating ourselves once in a while does nothing to help the situation -- we cannot even enjoy it while we are doing it.  If your body is craving something that you don't typically have, allow yourself to not only eat the treat but to ENJOY it.  This is the most important part - or else why have it? It's about finding a balance.  Once in a while it's OKAY to celebrate - it's when every day turns into a celebration that it is not only no longer safe for our bodies, but it loses its special feeling.  Think of splurge eating like a vacation: if you spent each day of your year on a beach chair in the Bahamas it too would eventually feel normal.... and how productive can you be while sitting in a beach chair??  

So happy splurging today -- and get back to reality tomorrow!   


  1. I agree! Everyone needs a little vaca once in a while :D When I got home from NYSSSA I lounged around and watched movies all day to catch up on some much needed rest! Now I'm back to exercising with my three day work out plan and it feels great!(:

  2. Hi Baylee! So glad to hear that you had some time to rest following NYSSSA -- I'm sure you are back to school and your normal dance rountine by now as we are into fall! Make sure you keep your balance of training and rest, and enjoy every step along the way -- lots of hugs and best wishes!!