Monday, August 29, 2011

Be on the look out....

I was doing my normal workout routine the other day (pre Hurricane Irene!) when I noticed two young guys working out next to me. They had strong, lean bodies (not bulky or thick as some men hope to acquire) so I began to check out the wild abdominal routine they were engrossed in.  They were doing some interesting things that I've never seen before.  I decided to add a few of them to my next workout.....

Don't be afraid to use others as a resource - there is nothing sneaky or strange about it! If you like the shape and strength of their body, perhaps what they are doing may work for you.  Most people are comfortable in repetitive patterning so we get locked into our workout routines - doing the same things day after day - and this is not the best.  When challenging your body with different range of motion patterns we are forcing muscles to work in conjunction - in perhaps brand new ways!  Startling our body with new techniques in abdominal work or with weight training can help to alert new muscles which we may naturally under use.  And when we don't use it, we lose it. 

So keep your eyes open, and steal away!!!!!

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