Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nutrition questions answered

Here are a few additional resources regarding nutrition.  I had some wonderful discussions with the students this week and some expressed interested in a few specific topics. 

As promised to them... here we go with some information!

For Maria -- Check out page 7 on this document from the University of Illinois for information on monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. ***Remember to keep a good amount of healthy fats in our diet, like yummy avocado and nuts. 

For Lauren -- Check out this information about iron from the National Institutes of Health.  ***Without enough iron we can easily feel fatigued; eating red meats, fish, beans and lentils will help us get the iron our bodies need.   

For Debbie and Bella -- Read the article titled Two Is Better Than One from Best Health Magazine.  *** Eating healthy fats with your salad (like avocado - as we talked about in class), pairing caffeine with carbohydrates post workout, or simply mixing banana with yogurt, will help to increase the amount of nutrients the body is able to absorb and we can maximize the health in our foods.  

Bon appetit! 

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