Thursday, September 8, 2011

A tasty recovery drink

reGen muscle recovery beverage combines cocoa, carbs and protien (in a scientifically proven ratio) to create a post workout drink that will
  1. Repair muscles from the stress that is placed on them while exercising
  2. Replace carbohydrate stores that have been used during activity
  3. Replenish fluid and electrolytes lost during an intense sweating session. 
Without proper recovery within 60 minutes of your workout, you could experience muscle soreness and fatigue -- as I'm sure most of us are used to.  This recovery beverage:
  • contains cocoa for antioxidant power
  • can be use on a two workout a day training program (for my dancers.... after class and before going into a lengthy rehearsal, or on a long performance day)
  • is 99.9% lactose free - won't cause bloating or difficulty with digestion
I thought this drink was tasty and filling.  It has many benefits backed by science, and who can go wrong with science? Try one today and let me know what you think! 

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