Monday, September 12, 2011

Be Fit NYC!

Three cheers for the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation with a new campaign for living a healthy lifestyle by adding exercise to your already scheduled day - to "make NYC your gym".  This is an amazing concept that more people can actually succeed in doing.  In NYC there are many opportunities to walk, take the stairs, and make simple swaps for using your body to get you places and not public transportation.  But what about in other cities like Buffalo or Providence? 

Why not try:
  • Parking in the last spot in the Wegmans/Whole Foods/Target parking lots and enjoying the long walk into and out of the store
  • Walk briskly through the aisles when shopping to increase your heart rate - time yourself and compete for your best efforts on a busy Saturday
  • Choose to take the stairs instead of riding the elevator to your office on the fifth floor
  • Swap out your riding lawn mower and push one yourself
  • Make yard work a real workout
  • Get in touch with friends in your area and schedule pick up sports games like a Saturday morning flag football game or a running club in the park  
  • Make your book club into a walking and talking book club - hit the street!
Most people say to me, "but Marisa, I don't have TIME to go to the gym" .... and this I understand for sure.  People are working long hours, hard days, and have little energy left to do much of anything else.  There is no rule that says you must workout for 30 consecutive minutes each day, so break that up into six 5 minute bursts (parking lot hike, "running" errands at the grocery store, good-bye elevator, etc.) - it's the same impact and your body will feel MORE energized when it's MORE active during the day. 

Make YOUR city YOUR!

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