Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy National Cholesterol Education Month!

Did you know that high blood cholesterol affects over 65 million Americans? Did you know that high blood cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease?  Did you know that heart disease causes heart attacks

If you didn't know this.... you should.  High cholesterol is serious and most people don't even know they have it.  Get your cholesterol levels tested (this month!) and then take simple steps from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute to keep yourself healthy:
  • Reduce the amount of saturated fats in your diet
  • Do physical activity! Helps to lower your bad cholesterol levels while increasing your good cholesterol levels
  • Know your family history
The older you get the more susceptible you are to having problems with high cholesterol, so develop good habits at a young age.  Serve up some oats, whole grains, beans, nuts, eggplant (!) and keep your body healthy and happy!

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