Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Individual recommendations...

I worked with my second group of NYSSSA students today -- a group of knowledgeable women who I've worked with in the program previously.  While reading their assessments I was impressed at how well they were able to identify their strengths and challenges as well as describe past injury history. This is essential to communicating with your teacher, choreographer, doctor or physical therapist. 

One student wrote that since she sprained her ankle, she's had issues with balancing -- this is exactly what happens! Research demonstrates that ankle sprains lead to poor proprioceptive awareness; this student will be beginning on a steady diet of balance training to develop this awareness.  Another student said that since she injured her left ankle, she's been having pain in her right knee while jumping -- correct again!  We will discuss common dance injuries and dangerous compensation patterns, or chain reactions to alignment issues or injuries, that are prevalent in the field. 

The students were able to assess their history and to communicate it to me; I was then able to make recommendations for each of the 13 students ranging from suggestions of:
  1. Static and isolated-active stretching for achilles tendonitis, as well as calf massage and foam rolling of the area
  2. Deep breathing and relaxation techniques for those with muscle tension
  3. Trapezius stretches for neck pain and tension
  4. Calf foam rolling and/or adductor foam rolling for those whose feet rolled in while doing the squat assessment
  5. Core strengthening for many with low back pain
  6. Circuit training for goals around building lean muscle and managing fat loss  
And the list went on.  We began with our first Training Series of the summer (that the students explored with the DJ stylings of Lauren, one of our students!)  We explored:
  1. Warm-up consisting of foam rolling, adductor and psoas active stretching and the roman deadlift (a killer for almost the entire class!)
  2. Cardio-respiratory warm-up
  3. Core
  4. Upper extremity
  5. Plyometrics
  6. Balance
Then we did it all over again!!
We'll see the students share examples of these later this week! 

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