Monday, February 6, 2012

Are you a material girl?

The verdict is still out on whether last night's half time show was a success or not, but the truth is, people cannot stop talking about Madonna.  I have overheard conversations and seen tweets and status updates related to the ridiculousness of the show last night.... but the only thing it seems people are agreeing on is that yes, Madonna is 53 and looking good.

How does she do it? 

Obviously blessed with some good genetics, she keeps up with great habits:
  • popularizing the vigorous Ashtanga style of yoga
  • strong devotion to Pilates
  • macrobiotic diet (with dinners consisting of fish, some kind of grain, cooked vegetable, salad)
  • intense workouts (3-one hour sessions per day!) consisting of yoga, pilates, swimming, horseback riding, cycling, running, weigth lifting, karate
  • uses a stair stepper while taking calls (45 minutes at a crack!)
Now, I'm completely aware that women, in particular, have a major balancing act to do with their lives, and having an endless supply of money and time is not typically the case.  But there is something we can learn here from this Material Girl.....
  • devote yourself to a healthy lifestyle
  • change up your workout so it fits with your life and it's fun and enjoyable
  • eat healthy natural foods (grown from the earth, not processed)
  • multi-task: when chatting with a girl friend take the phone and your body for a walk outside
One family in the article even mentions keeping workout equipment downstairs where the kids have their larger active play toys, so parents and children can "workout" together. 

Be your own "ray of light" while you "strike a pose" and stay healthy into old age :)

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