Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thanks, Sarah!

Today I turn to Sarah Klein, blogger for the Huffington Post, for a little inspiration.

She writes about her fitness "bucket list" and how she's working hard to accomplish all there is on it, and then to start it again and work even harder to improve upon her recorded times, amount of sets, and reps....

She recommends some great words of wisdom...

  • TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT!  Share your hard work and efforts with everyone around you, get them on board, and find support.  DON'T DO IT ALONE -- find friends to join you and share in your joint goals. Write it down, and post it as a constant reminder that you can do it! 
  • Dress for the occasion ;) This one I like and totally agree with.  My gym wear used to be my "ready to throw away" regular clothes (i.e.: stained, sweaty, ripped... you get the idea) and now, I actually invest money into my gym gear and I feel great about how I look and it motivates me to work harder.  Great tip, Sarah! 
  • And my personal favorite.... start it all over again.  Once you reach a goal, make a new one :)  

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