Thursday, July 25, 2013


Today we continued on with assessment which we started on Tuesday..... not like a scary test taking assessment in school, as one student thought.... but a check-in with out bodies.

Today: our strength and mobility.

 Lauren's working on her torso lateral flexion while Sarah holds her pelvis in place. 

Dutch holds Lucy's hips square so we can take a look at her torso rotation to the right and left sides.  And don't they look like they're having fun?? See, there is nothing scary about assessment ;) 

And after testing the mobility of our neck and torso (flexion, extension, hyperextension, lateral flexion and rotation), did a visual assessment of our partner, and a squat assessment, we moved on to checking out some strength. 

Deja holds her prone isometric abdominal plank for 30 seconds.  Then the students performed the right and lefts sides to see if there was any kind of imbalance.  30 seconds sure seems like a long time!  

And finally, after all the assessment today... 
we completed another round of our circuits including jumping jacks, high knee jogging, push-up 
walk-outs across the studio, core strengthening, upper body strengthening, squats, burpees.... 
we were ready to admire all our hard work as you can see Alexia and Lina doing in the below photo!

Show us those muscles ladies!!! 

And then if that wasn't enough..... today we investigated the actions of muscles to mobilize our elbow, shoulder and hip joints, as well as our torso.  One great question asked by Mia was in regard to where the latissimus dorsi muscles attach underneath the deltoid in the shoulder.  
Here is some additional info for you Mia: 

As we talked about in class today, the deltoid muscle caps the entire shoulder joint spanning from the scapula to the clavicle in the posterior and anterior parts of the shoulder region.  The latissimus dorsi muscles attach on the upper arm between the biceps and triceps muscles in the bicipital groove

Hope this helps!!! 

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