Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's get to work!

Greetings from Mr. Sam, the skeleton!  He and I (along with a foam roller, resistance bands, tennis balls and other teaching tools) just drove for over 5 hours to Saratoga Springs, NY where I will be in residence for the next four weeks at the NYSSSA School of Dance, a pre-professional training program for high school dancers.  I will be working with 32 of New York State's most talented and eager dancers while getting to the topic of body conditioning - specific to dancers.  Tomorrow is our first day and we'll begin with assessments and goal setting.  We will use this blog to share things we are working on and as a space where the students can post their goals, investigations, challenges, etc.  After the program, this blog will continue for my students, clients, and anyone interested in health and fitness. 

So.... here we go with Day 1 of our four week intensive..... 

But first, one last thing -- don't forget, if you ever find yourself on a long car/train/plane/boat ride like the one I was on today, don't forget to bring a towel or shirt to roll up and place at the small of your low back.  You will keep the natural curve of the spine while being seated for a lengthy period of time.  This will help to reduce the back pain you may feel after a long ride while maintaining alignment.  Happy road-tripping!!

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  1. Awesome tip. I will remember this for my long plane ride in a few months! Can't wait to hear about your first day! :)