Friday, July 29, 2011

Common Dance Injuries

At the end of week one of our four week program, students are already beginning to feel their bodies reacting to the intense curriculum of daily technique, composition and repertory classes.  Muscles are sore, bodies are tight, and exhaustion is setting in.... it's important to keep up our preventative health practices as week two will be here before we know it.  

A great article from Dance Teacher Magazine highlights 10 common dance injuries -- several we have already discussed in class this week, along with a few more we should be aware of.

The first injury discussed, neck strain, is definitely one that the students are facing here at NYSSSA while in repertory class with Erika Pujic.  The fast paced direction and focus changes, primarily with movement of the head, are causing muscles to pull outside of their comfort zones.  It's important to keep the head supported by elongating the neck and spine through actions of flexion, hyperextension, rotation and lateral flexion.  

Students: take a look a the article and comment on your experiences with these injuries or if you are experiencing any of these this summer?  What can you do to prevent them from happening?     

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