Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 5 - Body Types, Bones and Muscles

We started class with a discussion on three body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.  Each of these three body types have specific physiological and structural characteristics, movement strengths and limitations, which will help us to further narrow our conditioning needs.  Each body is different and no two people will have the same nutritional, strength training, endurance building, etc program -- and that's good!  The same way that we all have our own personal style, our bodies are unique and reflect who we are, the way we like to move and how our bodies react in various situations.  Many students realized they are not simply one type of body, but they reflect two or even all three.  

We studied bones and muscles today too -- and yes, Mr. Sam was there!!
We investigated bones and muscles and began to discuss the kind of conditioning we'll need for each of our muscles and the actions they can perform. More to come on this topic next week.... 

The students took the last 15 minutes of our class to compile a brief collection of important things they have learned about their body this week, and practical applications that we've already learned -- and I have a big homework assignment this weekend... to look through those and help the students to get started on their personal conditioning plans. 

A final thought: one of my most interesting moments today was a quick chat with a few students about how people are so into what their bodies "look" like, that sometimes it doesn't truly reflect a person's fitness ability or overall health.  A new trend of "skinny fat" shows that people who look thin (and are often a desirable body image viewed by others) are really not the healthiest of people -- and someone who may look thick or larger in size, may actually be in great health.  Based on our skeletal structure, our body type, family history and so many other experiences, we are each different and unique and we must simply find out how to maintain OUR best personal health to stay active and injury free. 

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