Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 1 of Dance Conditioning -- preventing any possible injury

Part of today's session was a focus on my "word's of wisdom" for maintaining a healthy and happy summer at NYSSSA.  My main goal when working with the students is to prevent injury from occurring and to do everything possible to keep everyone dancing all summer long.  Here's a few tips to keep our bodies moving:

1. SLEEP -- Resting our bodies is essential for cellular repair and maintenance, especially for our muscles.  While we rest and when we sleep our bodies do the recovery we need.  Lay down on your bed, read a book, prop up and support your limbs with comfy pillows, and enjoy some rest at the end of the day -- you deserve it!

2.  BANANAS! They aid in digestion, contain potassium, help relieve muscle cramps and soreness... and they're delicious! At least one a day for our NYSSSA students! We're going bananas!

3.  WATER -- hydration station time.  We should drink at least 17 ounces of water about 2 hours prior to activity.  So try to have a glass when waking up and another with breakfast before we head to our first dance technique class.  This will ensure we are fully hydrated when we begin. From then on, keep sipping as the day goes on to replenish the water lost while sweating.  We also need to replenish our sodium, so a yummy snack might be some pretzels in between classes.  Nature's natural hydrant???... the coconut.  Enjoy some coconut water for serious hydration and stock up on those electrolytes, too. 

4.  Keep our feet in great shape -- To avoid those nasty toe splits in between our toes, keep our dry feet (especially in the summer months) well moisturized.  My favorite product:
This stuff is magical! Treat your feet and put it on at the end of the day after your shower with some great comfy socks.  Give your arches a little light massage and prop them up on a pillow.  Ahhhh...

5.  Keep your "car" well fueled!  With added activity, comes added need for more "fuel" -- AKA more food.  Don't be afraid if you feel hungry -- you will!  Your activity level is at least doubled or tripled while here at NYSSSA, and to prevent fatigue (which can lead to serious injury) keep your body fed with healthy foods -- protein, fruits and veggies AND CARBOHYDRATES.  Dancers need these for the type of physical work we do, so keep your bodies fed with carbs and other yummy treats.

Keep our bodies healthy, and here's to a great summer!
It was a great first day! 

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