Monday, August 12, 2013

Sprouted nuts..... ???

What the heck is a sprouted nut? 

After a discussion on nutrition for dancers, I found myself explaining the difference between nuts that are found in many different protein bars.  We have: 

Roasted Nuts vs. Sprouted Nuts 
Who will win??  

Nuts are made available in several different ways to enable our digestive systems to easily process the nut and its healthy nutrients..... 

Sprouted nuts --

  • are soaked in water to help multiply the nutrients found in nuts (like Vitamins A, B, and C)  
  • helps make the nut more digestible by assisting in the growth of the digestive enzymes
  • removes anti-nutrients which can interfere with nutrient absorption
Roasted nuts --

  • heating the nut also makes it more easily to digest however....
  • roasted nuts often contain other additives (like salt, sugar, or preservatives as they tend to go rancid quicker) 
  • usually roasted in a saturated fat oil like palm kernel or coconut so be on the look out for roasted nuts with little saturated or no trans fats 
  • roasting nuts also increase the primary and secondary lipids during the process 
  • if you choose to roast, dry roast the nuts yourself in a pan on the stove for a few moments without using any oils 

Check this out: 
Mmmmm..... a yummy treat with some sprouted cashews other good things! 
And don't forget to read the ingredients when making food choices :) 
Be on the lookout for sprouted nuts! 

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