Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mom's in training

What I hope you can see behind the biker, is a group of Brooklyn mom's getting healthy on the promenade! (I had to take this like an undercover reporter!!)

These women were sprinting with strollers, doing push-ups and lunges all over the boardwalk - meanwhile their children sat in strollers. One mom even held her young boy for some added weight during lunges- great idea!

Are there like-minded people you know, or simply people who have the same time clock, priorities, situation, or goals? It's much easier to wake up for a 5:30am workout prior to heading to the office if someone will be there waiting for you each day. Use social networking sites to find people like you who might want to do the same kind of physical activity at the same time.

Get motivated by others and stick with it!

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